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Hayden Arnold, CPA, CIA, PCIP

Professional Certified Public Accountant who loves business with a detail oriented zeal.  He has helped clients go public, go private, acquire and dispose companies, increase cash flow, improve valuation, and deliver superior reports. He knows people and processes and how to achieve results such as decreased audit findings, raise net worth with integrity, protect assets, and achieve higher standards of excellence.  His experience, vigilance and problem solving abilities make him a valuable member of your team.

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David Swingle

A dynamic professional with a unique blend of expertise in finance and information technology. As an intelligent Certified Quickbooks Pro-Advisor who has helped multiple clients solve problems and get organized, David brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients. His passion for finance is matched by his proficiency in technology making him a versatile talent to any team.  His quick wit will put a smile on your face.

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Background & Experience of the Company

2012 - 2022 - The Side Hussle Years

   - Started Hayden Arnold, CPA consulting

   - Prepared 13 US GAAP compliant balance sheets, income statements, & statement of cash flows

   - Reconciled over XXX bank statements including British, Chinese, & Canadian accounts

   - Prepared 60 tax returns including one 1041 trust return

   - Prepared multiple sales tax returns in multiple states including California, Illinois, & Texas

   - Aided in nine tax audits and resolved eight tax disputes including one unclaimed property audit


  - Revenues grew $22K or 239% year-over-year

  - Incorporated Ivy Babbel, LLC

  - Prepared 22 US GAAP compiant balance sheets, income statements, and statement of cash flows

  - Reconciled 365 bank statements to the general ledger including British, Canadian, & Singapore

  - Prepared 49 tax returns (including three 1120s, three 1120-Ss, seven 1065s, one Canadian, and

    three PFIC filings)

  - Filed two FBAR reports


  - Revenues currently grew $32K or 104% year-over-year (and the year isn't finished yet)

  - Hired one employee

  - Ran payroll and prepared 11 941s

  - Prepared 21 US GAAP compliant balance sheets, income statements, and statement of cash flows

  - Reconciled 178 bank and credit card statements and counting including British and Canadian

  - Prepared 53 tax returns (including six 1120-Ss, three 1120s, and four 1065s)

  - Resolved two tax disputes


Contact Ivy Babbel, LLC for all of your accounting services including bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation.

(832) 526-3377

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